Writing An Interesting Food Article


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They say that if you are having trouble making friends, go over to someone’s house and have a meal with him. Those who share their food also share their heart.

The simple meaning of that is that we all love food, right? From the finger-licking chicken to the sizzling tenderloin steak, the gratification of our hunger is worth pursuing. Perhaps that’s mostly the reason for a lot of writers to write about food. Are you one of them?

If you are eager to be a food critic/food blogger/food writer, you can consider several interesting niches you can focus on. However, before anything, we must first read some pieces of advice on how to become a successful food writer.

  • Food is a sensual topic, so you should emphasize on the main senses to capture your readers’ attention. Examine a dish and observe the colors, the appearance, and the smell. Next, taste it and describe how it feels in your mouth in concise and descriptive words.


  • Don’t use common words all the time. Yummy or delicious is too elementary, and if they bore you, then it will bore your readers. It’s a food article, so it has to be exciting and worth looking forward to. Choose words that make the reader imagine that the food you’re writing about is right in front of him. Try smooth, or dripping or a feast for the palate.


  • Don’t use too many adjectives. It will sound like you’re over-decorating an already tasteful cake. First describe the food as you see, smell, and taste it. You start strong this way, with a description of the subject as it is. Once you read it and find it descriptive enough, you don’t need to embellish it with useless words.

Do keep in mind that there are a lot of food writers all over the world, even in your city. So you have got to be different from them to effectively get a following of readers who will stay with you and look forward to your next article.


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Now, let’s look at some of the various niches in the area of food. You might find one that you will find intriguing and interesting.

  • This will most likely be a bestseller if you cook yourself – or you have a lovely grandmother who knows a lot of original recipes. The secret is to look for a new approach or a fresh technique, although kind of cooking is the same. Write recipes with a twist, those that require someone to read your article to learn the new methods.


  • Restaurant Reviews. This is more enjoyable in a way because you get to travel, get to experience different restaurants, and finally eat what you will write about. You can start in your place. Make a review of the five most popular restaurants around your city. You can even create a blog or have the local paper publish your reviews. It’s not only good for your career but also increased publicity of the restaurants you review.


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  • Famous Chefs. This is quite a selective genre, one that is narrowed down to the cooks who are well-known for their specific cuisine. Your audience for this will also be relatively specific. Nevertheless, if this works for you, then your followers will be in the thousands. As always, it is good to start within your place, sort of a training ground. You probably know the owners of the restaurants so you will be more comfortable to talk to them. Soon, you’ll head to Italy and dine with famous chefs who made a name because of their unique recipes.

That’s it! Did I leave anything out? Yes, the last thing you need to do – is to start writing now!