Top 10 Blogging Ideas For Newbies

One of the challenges that every blogger faces is deciding or choosing what to write. Coming up with a new post from scratch can be tough. There are times when the ideas would just overflow, making it more difficult to blog. In some days, one may also experience lack of new concepts or thoughts, which usually leads to loss of interest in blogging.

To help every newbie blogger, we have decided to list down the top then blogging ideas. This article aims to inspire all bloggers to become more creative and artistic in expressing their thoughts and feelings through the blogs.



  1. Create listicles.

The term “listicle” refers to an article that has essentially presented an idea through a list. Many famous sites such as Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Elite Daily and NY Times use this form of writing. By using this specific writing style, it is easier to read or comprehend.


  1. Write how-to’s articles.

Many people keep on searching instructions on how to achieve or do a particular thing. As such, it can be a good thing to blog using the said format. You just have to think of an interesting topic that most people would want to read.


  1. Offer freebies.

Many people love receiving free items. This is the reason why other websites give free subscription packages, ebooks, graphics and many more. It is highly recommended to follow this trend if you want to increase site visitors.


  1. Choose a good design.

Regarding blogging, do not forget the significance of having a beautiful web design. Make sure that all buttons and links on your blog are functional. At the same time, make sure that the web design is clean. Nowadays, minimalist themes are prevalent.



  1. The site must be mobile-friendly.

In this age of technology, almost everyone already has a smartphone. Many people use their mobile phones or gadgets to access sites on the Internet. Because of this, bloggers and site owners are encouraged to work on having a responsive web design.


  1. Write about interviews.

It is also an excellent suggestion to publish exclusive interviews with prominent people on your blog. Try to connect with influential people who want to share their stories in the online world. Many readers would be interested to read your write up about them.


  1. Share personal stories or experiences.

Sharing is essential on every blog. As a blogger, your goal must include establishing good relations with your target readers. The best thing to do this is to gain their trust and confidence in you. Hence, a good option is to start sharing your thoughts, experiences, and stories.


  1. Use social media.



These days, social media is dominant. A large part of the populace uses social media. Hence, to make your blog accessible, you have to exert some efforts in improving all your social media channels. Use it to promote new posts or articles on the site.


The truth is that creating your blog can be intimidating at first. It can be burdensome to keep on thinking ways on how to have a kick start for the blog. Despite that, it can also be rewarding once you get to master its basics. Try to consider the ideas presented above to improve your blogging life.