Tips on Starting A Blog About Married Life 

Starting a blog is always a struggle. Finding the right concept and audience is the most tricky part, not to mention the amount of attention you need to put in it every day.  However, it is not impossible to start doing it now, and you might even find that what matters most to you can be the perfect content for your next blog. 

Deborah Serani, PsyD, an American Psychologist mentioned that “The anonymity of blogging can also be helpful for some people, allowing them to express themselves more freely without being concerned about family and friends knowing their thoughts.”

If you are an aspiring blogger who wishes to start a blog about marriage, or simply wants to blog about being married to someone you love, then learn some tips on how to start it now. 


How To Start Blogging 




In starting a blog, it is essential to know your concept. If you are going to talk about marriage, would you want it to be about giving advice, or simply about your own experiences in being married? 


Whatever the focus, the critical part is the engagement. How can you engage people to view and subscribe to your content? You can start by posting content that all married couples would be interested in. Marriage & Relationship coach, Jack Ito, PhD states that, Because every couple is different, the best way to find out what would liven up your marriage is for you and your spouse to use questions that stimulate ideas, rather than just following someone else’s list of what is good to do.”


For example, giving tips on a successful and happy marriage is what every couple would want in their relationship. You can start by citing famous married couples, then explore the parts of their marriage that make their relationship stronger. 


To bump up your posts further, you can also search for keywords that are searched the most, and then use it throughout your blog post. 


Blogging About Marriage 






When you decide that your content will be about marriage, you have to stick to it. Now that your audience is directed to married couples regardless of gender, race, and age, you have to engage them only with posts related to marriage. 


However, there will be times when you might run out of content, but that’s okay. It happens to everyone. A pro tip to do during these idle times would be bumping up your old posts that have a lot of engagements, or you can also simply share the content written on another website. 


Make sure though that the website you are going to share is a credible source because you don’t want your readers to read something that may be misleading. You can also go to Reddit threads and find out the most talked about topic in marriage these days. 


Start Your Blog Now 




Putting up your blog is not as hard as you think it is. There are already a lot of platforms now which you can use if you don’t have the money yet to put up your website. Word Press, Facebook, and even YouTube are just some of the platforms which bloggers use to share their content on. 


Another thing is to keep track of your daily engagements or interactions with readers. You have to know that you are getting through your target audience. Most importantly, what you need to do is just to have fun talking about your passion, in this case, talking about marriage or your married life. That way, you can engage your audience and inspire them with the knowledge and experiences you’ve had on this wonderful journey. 

Psychologist and International mental health advocate, Dennis Relojo-Howell says, “Whatever the primary reason may be, it cannot be denied that there is power in connecting with other people through blogs and in sharing our struggles. And blogging is simply all about sharing.”