How To Start Blogging


Where to begin

How do I start blogging, you ask. It’s simple, right—just hit the keys and watch the words spill on the page. Well, not exactly. “It must not be that difficult,” they say. “I see people on their computers all day typing away, and there are still bookstores so someone must still be writing books. And if there are still people out there writing books, then it must not be that hard!” (Could they be more wrong?) Just because there are bookstores filled with books of prose, poetry, philosophy, etc., that doesn’t mean writing is easy. And here are just some thoughts when you need some writing help and motivation.

There’s still hope

Although the age of books is quickly becoming antiquated, there is still hope to keep the written word alive through blogging.

Writing, when done well, is just a viable art form as paintings, sculpting, and composing music. And when everything — from punctuation to syntax to word usage — comes together, a story unfolds. All writing, regardless of intention, should tell a story. The problem with most writing nowadays is that it doesn’t tell a story; or if it does, it then tells too many stories, because the author can’t seem to stick to one topic and goes off on tangents that run wild like horses over lofty green hills—just like that.

Now this isn’t a how-to on writing a good story, but I do think good storytelling ties in a little bit to blogging. In order to have a successful blog you must be able to articulate yourself in a way that gets your message and/or intention across in an understandable way to all of those who may come across it. And this can only be done with good storytelling abilities.

Endless possibilities


This blog that you create can be about anything: fitness, music, food, travel, film, or whatever else it is that you’re passionate about. Whatever stirs up real, genuine emotions inside of you is what you should blog about.

This isn’t like your high school papers

No one can ever be expected to write on something they’re not keen about and do it well. Just think back to all of those high school essays your teachers made you write about the “fall of man” or the “effects on history” or whatever other arbitrary topics they decided on. Remember how you would stare at the blank page like an archrival? Remember all the tricks you would use to meet those two-, three-, four-page requirements: squeezing the margins, changing the font type and size, writing words in white ink to make the word count. It is most convenient and easy if the topics you are writing on are also the ones that you are familiar with or have an affinity to the subject matter.

Some parting words


Having a blog should be freeing, enlightening, and empowering. It’s not a job, and I would go as far as saying that it isn’t even a hobby. Writing is, put very simply, the most important thing you do for yourself. Being honest on the page can benefit you more than any material item you can buy at the store would.