How To Start A Movie Review Blog



The film industry has led the entertainment business for decades. Even today, when one hears the word “Hollywood” thrown around, they still think of famous movies stars and fancy living—even though the only people walking down Sunset Boulevard now are the homeless. Because the film industry is so popular, there are always people seeking out information on the summer’s big blockbuster hit or when their favorite movie’s sequel is expected to come out. This is where movie blogs come in. But before you decide on out-competing Roger Ebert, there are a few things you must sort out first.

Find your website

There are plenty of websites that can satisfy all your needs and host your blog. There seems to be a consensus that WordPress and their database are best suited for bloggers and writers alike. Their basic (and free) plan has its pluses, but their upgraded plan (paid) gives you more control and provides you with a platform for you to develop your blog. This is not, however, the only site available to bloggers. You can find others with a quick Google search. But before you decide (and possibly invest) on a creating a website, make sure that you compare the services you get with one host to another—this is your hard-earned money we’re talking about after all.

Find your voice

Once you have your website up-and-running, you can then focus on creating content. There are multiple genres of movies for you to choose from, so selecting one to review and write about shouldn’t be a problem.


Here’s an example: Say you love comedy movies and specials, and say that (hopefully) you yourself are funny, because then you could center the theme of your blog on humor, and people would return more often to you because they know they can always get a good laugh in.

On the other hand, maybe you prefer more serious films – ones that take a political stance on environment-saving agenda. If this was the case, then the content of your blog may also take a more serious approach. The same thing goes for French films, action movies, rom-coms, and other blogs alike.

Or maybe you want to blog on all of them. The choice is yours but make sure to write accordingly.

Because there are so many avenues you can take and many different iterations of the same thing, your newest and biggest set of headaches and pains involve creating a blog that is truly original.  My only suggestion for this nearly impossible task is that be honest with yourself. People can see through the charade (as if you were wearing a transparent set of clothes), you’ll pay if you write in a way that is not accurate to your character. Blog in a way that comes naturally to you. These blogs will be the embodiment of you. People will enjoy that more than they would anything else, because no one expects or likes to be lied to—and your mother would be disappointed in you if you did.

Incorporate some of your other passions

Sadly, this how-to isn’t a one-stop shop on creating a successful movie blog. There are still other factors that come into play and can be defining characteristics to the originality of your blog.



For example, say some movie blogger out there also has passions or dreams of becoming an actor. They could incorporate videos to their website to change the scene and break the monotony up.

Let’s say that there’s another blogger out there that is really good at video editing and digital animation. They could incorporate this aspect as well to their blogs. Perhaps, this could be the route they take to success.

These are merely examples one could use, but there are definitely other things that you could add to your site to shake up the routine and give the visitors something new to chew on.