How To Start A Food Blog


One of the consistencies in this generation is the concerning obsession we have with food. We can’t get enough of it—and my old pair of pants (that don’t fit anymore) “know” that for sure. Chances are that if you have any form of social media, then, you’ve seen this obsession firsthand. Even more bizarre is seeing it in person by watching people standing on their chairs and hovering over their plates with their cameras to get the “perfect shot.” Now, to some, this might seem a bit odd or weird – they fail to realize the potential and service that these people provide to businesses and fellow customers alike.

Considering that food is essential for human life, there is an automatic allure when it comes to food blogs. The only thing that people love more than trying new food is having someone else try new food first and then, tell them if it’s worth the buy—think of Yelp’s appeal! But if you are of the other group, the ones who appreciate the adventure of trying a new meal, then, starting a food blog may be the thing for you.

Find your website

Depending on the amount of money you’re willing to invest or the amount of control you’d like to have with your website, there are plenty of platforms for you to choose from to showcase your new blog.



People of the blogging world seem to enjoy WordPress and their databases for all of their blogging needs. This site offers customers two options for their website – a basic version which is free, and an upgraded version which is a paid service. However, WordPress is not the only site to start a blog on. There are also sites like Squarespace, Blogger, and Tumblr available to people.

Learn the Lexicon

This may be the most important of all. In order to have a prolific food blog, you must learn the language of the kitchen. While it may be entertaining at first (mostly as a joke, and not a funny one) to describe all the food you eat as either “really good” or “really bad,” it isn’t going to take you very far.

I often advise people that before they can speak on behalf of anything, they must learn the business inside and out. Although it is not a requirement, it is suggested that one should gain at least some experience in the kitchen before starting up a food blog; if not to have a deeper appreciation of the craft, then to at least get a better insight into the process involved with the creation and presentation of the dish. Having this extra insight only gives you authority and credibility to speak on the subject and will help increase the satisfaction people have towards your blog.

Set yourself apart

After you get some experience in the kitchen (or, if not, then after you learn the vernacular), you’re halfway there. Your newest set of problems and headaches will involve finding your own persona for the blog. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands or hundreds of thousands of food blogs, and it’s your job now to find a way to separate your blog from the rest.



To do this, I suggest that potential bloggers incorporate some of their other interests and passions to their blogs in addition to their writing. Maybe you’ve also got a knack for photography, or maybe you’re an aspiring actor/actress and love getting behind the camera. One of my personal favorite food vlogs is Binging with Babish on YouTube. In my opinion, his creativity, uniqueness, and superb video editing skills make for an interesting and fulfilling watch. Plus, he has a cool-sounding voice and keeps the scope of his blog centered on more relevant, pop culture-ish subjects.

Again, you must find a way to incorporate some of your other passions into your blog to help you increase its success. If your blog is just like everyone else’s, then, the likelihood that someone will quickly overlook it is high. Add pictures, videos, and maybe get some outside perspectives such as interviews with other (willing) customers, or include a picture of the chef mid-cook, etc. Whatever is that you decide, the golden rule of blogging is this: find your voice.

The rest will take care of itself.