How To Start A Fitness Blog



The not so pleasant truth…

The truth is we could all benefit from losing a pound or two—or in my case, ten or twenty. With fast food joints on every corner and with everyone’s schedule being so hectic, hitting the drive-thru and picking up a large number 3 combo sounds convenient, to say the least. But this convenience comes with a price. The fact to the matter is that with all of the trans fats and empty calories we consume, becoming overweight seems more like a destination than a possibility. If you fall into that group of people who have packed on a few pounds as a result of this convenience, then, you could use a reason to get back to fighting shape.

Being overweight can be debilitating and can cause self-esteem issues. There are tons of people who battle these things and if you are one of them, it can be challenging. But once you are motivated enough to change your ways and get healthy, a good way to keep you honest and on track is to create a fitness blog.

Why a fitness blog?

Most people who create fitness blogs often do so for reasons other than bragging. By displaying and explaining their progression over time, they can motivate others who are facing similar struggles. The whole point is to get out and fix their poor eating habits as well as change their sedentary lifestyles.

Make It Unique


This should be obvious to anyone trying to start a blog for any reason. No one is going to want to come back and check out your blog if all you do is post the same thing as everyone else’s. This might be difficult for some people, being unique, especially because everyone is so fixated on being just like “that popular blogger”. Some people have nothing else to offer but poor quality bathroom pictures and poorly written fitness updates. It’s sad, but that is the reality of most blogs you find today.

What is that “something else” you can offer to people? Video blogs have become the most recent craze, especially in the fitness community. People record their workouts and post them on YouTube to gain a following due to their antics and personalities. So that’s one way to go about it.

If videos are not your thing, then, that’s fine. But pictures are practically a requirement for any fitness blog. People like to see the progression over time. Watching your fitness journey can be encouraging to those who live sedentary lifestyles. And for those already in the gym, seeing progress photos can inspire them to try harder, to lift heavier, push more and drive themselves further. That’s what all good blogs should do: inspire.

So get out there, hit the gym, and inspire.