How Blogging Can Spice Up Your Romantic Relationship

Many would think that blogging is another way of earning money from online marketing, advertisements, and sponsorships. While this one reason for website management is real, blogging has a lot more to offer most especially for couples looking for another level of fun in their relationship. At the beginning of a relationship, people are attracted to each other’s traits,” said Dr. Mudita Rastogi, Ph.D a licensed marriage and family therapist “But over time their needs go unmet. For instance, a husband may no longer feel wanted by his wife. A wife may fear her husband isn’t going to support her.”




What Can We Get From Blogging?

The answer is simple. Both you and your partner will experience a whole new definition of ‘quality time together.’ In fact, this phrase is all you can hear from happy and contented couple bloggers who share their newly found hobby.


For instance, a simple breakfast has become exciting for this couple of blogger who told that blogging became their reason to go out for coffee once in a while (even with their usual office schedule). A simple and typical lonely breakfast has become something to look forward to as both are now making time to spend every free hour together to brainstorm and exchange ideas for their next blog post.


Another thing that a couple of bloggers love about blogging is the fun they get from sharing workloads and seeing tremendous results instantly. For example, one of them would handle the finances and budgeting while the other would be in charge of the itinerary for their travel blog. Here, real work is done, and communication will be at its best.



Doesn’t Blogging Require A Lot Of Expertise, Time, And Effort?

There are different niches that a couple can venture into. There are food blogging, travel niches, online relationship counseling, and a lot more than both of you can write about.


Moreover, blogging is a form of freewriting. Write however you want as both of you are your bosses. Eventually, people who share the same interest will come to your blog and become regular visitors. Nevertheless, your domain is you and your partner’s space. Write whatever you have experienced regarding a product, event, or place you two have been. Write about any thoughts together. Make it like your couple journal.

According to Steven Nguyen Ph.D, “Blogging takes a considerable amount of time, creativity, and energy. Have a clear understanding of what you want to write about and why you think it is relevant. Keep your content fresh so it’s important to post regularly.”

It doesn’t need a lot of expertise when it comes to this hobby. In fact, you and your beloved co-blogger can attract audience and sponsorships just by posting random pictures of places you’ve been into. Simple picture-editing apps can do the trick, or you can snap a pic and post it right after. Similar to the writing style, the photography portfolio doesn’t need any ‘blogging format.’ Julio Peironcely, PhD shared on one of his blog, “I started putting vague ideas I had in the back of my mind into words. This exercise turned out to be vital. It helped me to see the causes of my frustration. Once I knew these causes I could act upon them.”




What Do We Need To Start One?

Aside from yourselves and the will to manage a blog, assuming you are both beginners, you will need reliable blog-hosting services online that can customize and help you publish your very first website. Don’t worry, a lot of them are free (even the most popular ones!), so you don’t need to shell out some money right away.


name for your new blog is a must. You can call it based on your loveteam (or combined) name. Think of it as your brand and something that both of you can call your own.


If everything is all set (a domain name and a perfectly customized blog template), then both of you can now write articles, post pictures, and make great memories (for future blog writings) together.



Working with partners in crime forms undeniably a deeper level of bond for couples. What’s more exciting about blogging is when you snag a sponsorship (all-paid expense trips, free product samples, free food tasting, new exclusive experiences) that can be an avenue for you and your significant other to enjoy your new kind of quality time together while learning new things.