Here’s Why You Should Try Becoming a Mommy Blogger

Women never cease to amaze with what they can do. It’s hard enough to build one’s career in life, but to balance that with motherhood, now that’s on another level! Working moms understand the importance of being present in both roles, the “working,” and the “mom” parts, to achieve work-life harmony.




Luckily, there’s a much easier way to be a working mom. And it doesn’t take hard compromises, which usually happens when working a day job. Mommy bloggers are the new trend, and many people look up to them, not just for parenting advice, but also for very general topics.


It all starts with a blog, and a dream to be someone that can aid fellow mommies. But like all things in life, it evolves into something that serves one’s purpose, that’s why it covers other subjects.


You may not know why, but these are the reasons why you should try (maybe shortly) to become a mommy blogger:


  • You Can Help Other People By Letting Them Learn From Your Experience

The good thing about blogs is that it’s personal. As a mommy blogger, you can share all your raw, and unfiltered stories because you want to document your life, or maybe because you also want your audience or readers to learn some lessons.

“As a psychologist, I know the research, and the research is clear: Alone time is essential for emotional/mental/ spiritual/social/physical health, and a key element of true happiness.” Dr. Christina Hibbert says,By “alone time” what I really mean is time away from your role as a mother—time to be YOU, to unwind, relax, rest, revive.”

Not everybody’s on the same page in life. Maybe a couple is planning to get married and wants to get insights on what the next step is. And as a mommy blogger, you created a blog that talks about just that –marriage and relationships.


It’s very different from searching for marriage tips in Google, where they read a plain article. A mommy blog is “organic,” as it talks about someone’s personal experience, or someone getting “real.” People would rather learn from these bloggers, than an article from a known “entertainment” website.




  • You Can Be An Influencer

As a blogger (especially when your blog’s getting a lot of traffic), you can say that you are an influencer in your own right. Putting up a blog and maintaining it, seems like an easy feat, but it’s not. It’s the basic concept of marketing where you brand yourself in a particular way. You influence, by showing your authentic self. And that’s why people read your blog. That’s why your audience follows your stories.

Licensed Psychologist Seth J. Gillihan, PhD wrote, “It can be very helpful to talk with other moms, especially ones who are willing to be open with you about their own struggles. Moms get it like only moms can, and without the potential complications and defensiveness you might find with your partner.”

  • You Can Make Money Out Of It

Once you’ve built a strong, and loyal audience, companies and advertisers are going to want to have you as their influencers. You can simply share about the things you and your husband do to make your little one feel comfortable at home, or your journey as your kid grows up. Either way, your audience is going to listen.


If there’s anything the advertisers are looking for, it’s the trust. Your readers trust you with your recommendations, and that’s going to give them a much powerful impact. You can enjoy many freebies, trips, and even money, by being a mommy blogger.




  • You Can Also Learn From Yourself, And Use It For Self-Improvement

Your blog details your life – experiences, stories, events, and personal thoughts. You may not be conscious about what you’re posting now, but when you look back, you’ll be saying, “Oh, I did that!,” or “Wow, I didn’t know I had that kind of thinking.” It will show you what you’ve been up to for the past couple of years, and it will also make you take a moment of reflection to realize all your learnings.

“Gender differences in multitasking are not only a matter of quantity but, more importantly, quality,” said Shira Offer, PhD, “Our findings provide support for the popular notion that women are the ultimate multitaskers and suggest that the emotional experience of multitasking is very different for mothers and fathers.”

Being a mommy blogger is more than being a mommy or a blogger. You get the best of both worlds, and you’re doing the online community a favor.