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Gratitude Journaling (Writing For Mental Wellness)

Gratitude is really about refocusing the way you see and think about things that surround you.  Since it is our human nature to get hooked on the negative stuff easily, many of us find it hard to commit on the positive ones. That is because the worse things in life are more impactful, stressful, and painful. All of those negative things require tons of effort and extra energy for us to be able to survive it. In some unfortunate circumstances, we forget about the many good things that still exist.


By shifting our focus towards the positive things, we aim to search for the preciousness of life. From there, it starts to change the way we approach things, the way we create decisions, the way we handle personal relationships, the way we appreciate people around us and more. And by that, we try new things that develop that positivity. In this article, we’ll focus on the importance of gratitude journaling since it’s one of the best ways to maintain mental wellness.

How To Start Gratitude Journaling

Gratitude journaling is easy to do. Every night, you just have to list three to five things that you are thankful for each day. There are no limitations on what you want to write in your journal as long it is something that encourages happiness and fulfillment. It can be significant or even small things that perhaps created a change in that particular day. And even though you have the worst moment of your life, find at least three things that made you smile. Try hard to think about the good and positive stuff. Sometimes it could be an object that means a lot to you or could be the people that showered wonderful care and love.


Personally, it’s incredibly beneficial to write as detailed as possible with what it is that you are thankful for in that instance. So instead of writing down your gratitude on food, try at least be specific on “why” you are valuing it. You can base in on your previous encounter or other people’s experience as well. As long as it made you realize how truly grateful and how fortunate you are for having food at your table, you can deliver a proper technique in gratitude journaling.

There is no denying that not all days are the same. Sometimes, you will experience the worst of the worst. But it’s excellent to try and shift the way you think and keep your mind away from those things that mentally and emotionally hurt you. There will be a time that you won’t appreciate the simple pleasures because you’re stuck in the negative side, but always remember that nothing stays as is. Maybe you find yourself suffering today, but tomorrow you will not.


If you are attempting to create more positivity in changing your outlook, attitude, and life, writing is the best thing to do. It is an incredible opportunity to enumerate the things that matter to you. By doing this, it ensures that are throwing your overall wellness into positivity.