Five Tips To A Successful Blog



The term “blog” was said to be coined in the late 1990’s. Back then, it was not yet called blog, but just an online diary where people can share their personal experiences and stories. Time travel to the year 2017, blog or blogging became an online hit. It is now an integral part of the online community.

Almost everyone you know reads or knows what a blog is. It may be about fashion, entertainment, travel, politics, current events, gossips and other interesting topics. From just sharing personal stories and interest, blogging now evolved into a money making machine. If successful and followed by millions of people, your blog can, in fact, help you earn. Some bloggers even left their permanent jobs to blog and earn more.

So now, with the million bloggers out there, how can I make my blog stand out and be successful?

Find a Name

Yes, the first step is to find a unique and personal website name or what you call domain. The name should be related to your interests or your blog itself. Think of a name that will suit your passion and that readers will easily remember.

Good Look

After finally deciding the domain name and the topics that you are interested in sharing in your blog, you need to think of how you want your blog to look like. A helpful tip is to think about your future readers. Basically, a good looking blog has to be reader-friendly. How? It has to be clean and quick loading. The typography is simple and easy to read.


Valuable Content

Readers will go frequently to your blog not just because it looks beautiful, your contents or topics should have value. You do not want to waste your reader’s time, right?

The most helpful tip in creating content is to know first what you are passionate and interested about. Writing about your passions and interests will help you create valuable and creative contents. It will not bore you even in the long run.

The topics that you will write has to be the most important factor that can make or break your blog. Try to research about it so that you will have a more in-depth knowledge on the things you can offer your readers. Be interesting and honest. More importantly, be Yourself.

Attractive Images

Another important part of writing is the use of creative images. Use a photo at the front page of your article to excite your readers. Also, put photos in different parts of the articles so that it will also be more attractive to the eyes and less boring for your readers, especially in lengthy articles.


Spread the News

To get more readers, share your blog via social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes. Let your friends and colleagues know about your blog and your articles. The good thing is that it’s free. You can also try to create an email list or a newsletter for your readers to know if you have any new blog entries.