How To Start Blogging


Where to begin

How do I start blogging, you ask. It’s simple, right—just hit the keys and watch the words spill on the page. Well, not exactly. “It must not be that difficult,” they say. “I see people on their computers all day typing away, and there are still bookstores so someone must still be writing books. And if there are still people out there writing books, then it must not be that hard!” (Could they be more wrong?) Just because there are bookstores filled with books of prose, poetry, philosophy, etc., that doesn’t mean writing is easy. And here are just some thoughts when you need some writing help and motivation.

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Blog Your Way To Happiness


Who doesn’t love reading blogs? Currently, there are thousands of blogs online and there are more people looking at them too. There has been such a need for blogs over the last few years alone and the trend is set to continue. However, people seem to think if they blog they will be able to make them happier. Can you really blog your way to happiness? Click this link!

In a study led by John M. Grohol, Psy.D, he says that “Can blogging help you feel more connected with others and, in turn, increase your own sense of well-being and happiness? Apparently so, at least amongst college students.”

Why Use Blogs?

Blogs are found everywhere online today so what is so special about them? Well, once they were fantastic and very appealing but now you can worry they are less so. However, while there has been an upsurge in blogging, it still remains very popular and there is room for new blogs too. If you have something interesting to say then why not share it? You can absolutely find there is a lot of fun to be had when blogging and it might just help you blog your way to happiness. You probably don’t think that’s going to happen but you might be surprised with the results. Continue reading “Blog Your Way To Happiness”