Gratitude Journaling (Writing For Mental Wellness)

Gratitude is really about refocusing the way you see and think about things that surround you. According to Ada Gonzalez, LMFT, “Gratitude is a way of seeing. They would allow us to see, to notice, what we can be thankful for. Heights of joy are measured by the depths of our gratitude.” Since it is our human nature to get hooked on the negative stuff easily, many of us find it hard to commit on the positive ones. That is because the worse things in life are more impactful, stressful, and painful. All of those negative things require tons of effort and extra energy for us to be able to survive it. In some unfortunate circumstances, we forget about the many good things that still exist.


By shifting our focus towards the positive things, we aim to search for the preciousness of life. From there, it starts to change the way we approach things, the way we create decisions, the way we handle personal relationships, the way we appreciate people around us and more. And by that, we try new things that develop that positivity. In this article, we’ll focus on the importance of gratitude journaling since it’s one of the best ways to maintain mental wellness.

How To Start Gratitude Journaling

Gratitude journaling is easy to do. According to Marla B. Cohen, PsyD, “Gratitude is viewed by positive psychology as one of the cornerstones of well-being, and gratitude journaling is widely considered one of the most effective happiness practices you can adopt.” Every night, you just have to list three to five things that you are thankful for each day. There are no limitations on what you want to write in your journal as long it is something that encourages happiness and fulfillment. It can be significant or even small things that perhaps created a change in that particular day. And even though you have the worst moment of your life, find at least three things that made you smile. Try hard to think about the good and positive stuff. Sometimes it could be an object that means a lot to you or could be the people that showered wonderful care and love.


Personally, it’s incredibly beneficial to write as detailed as possible with what it is that you are thankful for in that instance. So instead of writing down your gratitude on food, try at least be specific on “why” you are valuing it. You can base in on your previous encounter or other people’s experience as well. As long as it made you realize how truly grateful and how fortunate you are for having food at your table, you can deliver a proper technique in gratitude journaling.

There is no denying that not all days are the same. Sometimes, you will experience the worst of the worst. But it’s excellent to try and shift the way you think and keep your mind away from those things that mentally and emotionally hurt you. There will be a time that you won’t appreciate the simple pleasures because you’re stuck in the negative side, but always remember that nothing stays as is. Maybe you find yourself suffering today, but tomorrow you will not.


If you are attempting to create more positivity in changing your outlook, attitude, and life, writing is the best thing to do. According to Priscilla L. Rodriguez, LMFT, “I’m a huge advocate when it comes to writing in a journal as a way to manage stress and as a way to engage in gratitude. Journaling also forces you to slow down and to concentrate on what you are experiencing.” It is an incredible opportunity to enumerate the things that matter to you. By doing this, it ensures that are throwing your overall wellness into positivity.

Mental Wellness: Follow These Bipolar Blogs


 If you want to read about real-life stories of people with Bipolar disorder, then these blogs are the sites to follow:


Purple Persuasion

Charlotte Walker battled mental health problems for 25 years and created a blog called Purple Persuasion as a way to deal with her relapses and to help other people who have bipolar disorder too. According to Colleen King, LMFT, “Living with bipolar disorder can create significant challenges in just getting through each day.”


The blog offers a safe space for Charlotte and people similar to her to learn more about their mental health problems and as a way to connect with other people who have the same issues or related mental health problems.



Some of the posts in her blog include an analysis of her visits with her psychiatrists, as well as posts that other bipolar people can relate too.


Bipolar Burble

The Bipolar Burble is managed by Natasha Tracy, a social media consultant, and an award-winning writer too. Natasha has had bipolar disorder since she was 20 years old and ever since the Bipolar Burble has become a place wherein she can express her feelings about her condition as well as narrate her experiences.


The blog gives factual information based on evidence of mental illnesses. It also offers insights and details about bipolar disorder all while providing the community, which is filled with people with mental health problems. It contains posts like how to self-sooth when experiencing bipolar disorder pain.


The Bipolar Blogger Network

Back then, two friends felt like there were not enough networking options for people who are experiencing different types of bipolar disorder. As a result, they decided to create the Bipolar Blogger Network.


The Bipolar Blogger Network aims to give people with bipolar disorder a way or platform to share their experiences with the mental health issue or their stories on how their disorder affect the people around them.  However, not all can write in the blog as only bloggers with the talent and knack for writing as well as those with the disorder and experiences with the issue can only write in the blog.


Pax Nortona

Joel Gazis-Sax on the other hand, uses his blog, Pax Nortona, as a way to share his personal experiences and stories that he gains while working and traveling despite having the bipolar disorder. But Joel isn’t the only one who is responsible for the blog. His wife Lynn also helps in managing it. Together, this dream team and their cat has created an excellent blog for those with bipolar disorder.


Joel and his wife are also the co-founders of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of South Orange County. According to Danna Costa-Sahs, PsyD, “Depression is a serious mental illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act.” The blog contains posts about Joel’s stories and tips on being yourself in a world that wants you to change.


Bipolar Beat


Psych Central is a trusted website ran by mental health professionals. This independent social network for people with mental health problems or people interested in mental health also has the bipolar blog called the Bipolar Beat.


Two people who write posts in the blog are Dr. Candida Fink, a psychiatrist, and Joe Kraynak, an author. Dr. Fink is an expert pediatrician, specifically in pediatric bipolar disorder. Kraynak, on the other hand, writes about his experiences living with the mental health issue and with his partner.


Some of the articles in the blog include perspectives about bipolar drugs and weight gain, differentiating manic and hyperactive, and other tips that can help bipolar people sleep better. “Antidepressants, mood stabilizers and atypical antipsychotics are the most common contributors to weight gain.”, says Saundra Jain, PsyD.



With all these blogs recommended, you have a plethora of blogs that you can check out to either help with your disorder or learn more about bipolar disorder. Having bipolar disorder is difficult, but that doesn’t mean it should define you. These blogs can be one of the ways to help you beat it.

A Quick Guide to Choosing Blog Niche

Certain things are needed for you to take into consideration when it comes to creating your blog. The first thing that you have to factor in is the blog niche. It pertains merely to the specific classification that you want the blog to belong. Without determining the particular topic, it will be impossible for you to move forward with the blog creation. Once you decide the niche, it will become easier to choose the domain name for the site.

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How To Write And Express Yourself To Help With Mental Issues


A serious issue

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How To Make It As A Writer


The brutal truth

To be honest and quite frank with you, most of you won’t make it as a writer. It’s a simple fact.

You may gain notoriety or recognition here or there. Some of you may even make a few bucks out of it, but the chances of you making it out there as the next Hemingway or Fitzgerald are slim to none. That’s because the writers have gone extinct, right alongside dinosaurs and ashtrays. The world just isn’t the same place anymore. The novel is dead, as is the poem, and the reality is that there isn’t much room out there any more for writers. It’s sad, but true.

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How To Start A Food Blog


One of the consistencies in this generation is the concerning obsession we have with food. We can’t get enough of it—and my old pair of pants (that don’t fit anymore) “know” that for sure. Chances are that if you have any form of social media, then, you’ve seen this obsession firsthand. Even more bizarre is seeing it in person by watching people standing on their chairs and hovering over their plates with their cameras to get the “perfect shot.” Now, to some, this might seem a bit odd or weird – they fail to realize the potential and service that these people provide to businesses and fellow customers alike.

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How To Start A Movie Review Blog



The film industry has led the entertainment business for decades. Even today, when one hears the word “Hollywood” thrown around, they still think of famous movies stars and fancy living—even though the only people walking down Sunset Boulevard now are the homeless. Because the film industry is so popular, there are always people seeking out information on the summer’s big blockbuster hit or when their favorite movie’s sequel is expected to come out. This is where movie blogs come in. But before you decide on out-competing Roger Ebert, there are a few things you must sort out first.

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How To Start A Fitness Blog



The not so pleasant truth…

The truth is we could all benefit from losing a pound or two—or in my case, ten or twenty. With fast food joints on every corner and with everyone’s schedule being so hectic, hitting the drive-thru and picking up a large number 3 combo sounds convenient, to say the least. But this convenience comes with a price. The fact to the matter is that with all of the trans fats and empty calories we consume, becoming overweight seems more like a destination than a possibility. If you fall into that group of people who have packed on a few pounds as a result of this convenience, then, you could use a reason to get back to fighting shape.

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How To Start A Travel Blog


There are few things in life that are sweeter than travel…actually, there might not be anything sweeter.

Traveling’s all about breaking down the barriers and walls that confine us in our monotony—can you tell that I’m a little bitter? I haven’t traveled in a while—it’s about being free and exploring new places as well as exploring one’s self.

And it’s in this sweet spot that travel blogs fit into. Whether it’s a sense of vicariousness or a taste-test of what may or is out there, travel blogs offer much more than a few hundred words and a couple of photos. They give the viewer a chance to dip their toes in the water and get a taste of what it’s like to be somewhere unknown and unexplored by them.

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Writing About Life

how to write

Is your life interesting enough to write about? For some, they think being held hostage and becoming a star witness in a murder trial is fascinating and new worthy but their regular everyday life is rubbish. Well, life is life. It’s unpredictable and sometimes it’s good to talk about it. Perhaps one’s childhood, especially when it is a struggle, such as when growing up alone, isolated and in an institution will also make for an interesting blog, aside from being therapeutic. Writing about life can really be an eye-opener for a lot of reasons and might just inspire you to do something about your current situation. So, should you write about your life?

Why Write About Your Life?

What’s so special about your life? To be honest, writing about a topic such as life can be a wonderful idea as it can give people the motivation to do something about theirs. It can be anything from motivating someone to become healthier or take their health seriously. Alternatively, it might be starting life over again in a new location. Life is so varied and sometimes talking or writing about it can offer up a lot of help and support to thousands of people. This is why writing about life has become so popular today. Continue reading “Writing About Life”