Best Things About Writing – A Counselor’s Perspective

You will always experience some days where you feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities you have to accomplish. At some point, it makes you feel unmotivated because you happen not to know where to start. That uneasiness and vague feeling takes your focus away and often leaves you with life’s endless distractions and demands. Fortunately, there is one best way to get over that frazzled mind, and that is writing. Below are the things you can thank writing for.


It Helps Clear Your Mind And Prepare It For Decision-Making

Having spiraling thoughts that leave you in a fog has no exemption, and once or twice in a day, you will encounter it unexpectedly. It will make you picture emerging issues at hand that you wish were not real. That is because these things can be so negative and complicated that even if you think you can handle them, you will never get over them that easily. But when you write about these bugging thoughts, you will notice that these issues can be resolved. You will gain insights that will help empty your mind of the clutter you were holding on to for too long. With that, you begin to obtain focus, preparing your mind for more significant critical thinking.

It Promotes Better Understanding On Underlying Emotional Issues

When you are not emotionally stable, you often believe there is something wrong but cannot explain more about it thoroughly. That is a common scenario when you are preoccupied with a lot of things. Your mind also plays with your emotions. Usually, these underlying emotions are caused by too much stress and anxiety. Gladly, you can better manage these emotions and thoughts through writing about them. Writing provides an effective way to process your feelings, especially when you cannot contain them anymore. Writing leads you closer to your core feelings and helps you realize what’s holding you back and preventing you from knowing what you genuinely want in life.


It Keeps A Record Of Your Overall Development

One excellent thing about writing is the constant monitoring of overall development. Writing allows you to keep a record of personal development over time, including your mood, daily task, goals, and achievements. Of course, there are instances that you will not accomplish everything on your list. But somehow, writing them all down will remind you about it and provide you with enough motivation to go on. Aside from that, writing brings you security over previous insights that have assisted you in such challenging life situations. It provides you emotional and mental wisdom that can serve you better, especially when needed in uncertain times.

It Makes You More Productive

There are times that you find yourself loaded with too many tasks. Sadly, you lose control of your responsibilities because you feel overwhelmed on which tasks deserve more attention and which of them need to go first. Fortunately, writing can help you with that problem. Writing down your responsibilities will solidify the need for accomplishments. It makes you productive as these tasks demand action and sincere commitment since you have put them in the open. Writing a daily goal becomes the first step in making these duties part of your reality as it removes the feeling of being uninspired or unmotivated.


It Activates Your Brain And Gets It Ready For Awareness

Writing is beneficial because it has the power to open your mind to a new perspective. Be mindful that it does not hold the answers to your life problems. But it can show you the best things you can do to manage them better mentally, physically, and emotionally. Writing down what is on your mind each day activates your brain and prepares it for whatever tough moments life may bring. It can make you look through past experiences, note down the present ones, and begin to look forward to the future. And even if you write about horrible life incidents, writing makes you focus on bigger and better things due to the list of efforts you will see on your notes.

It Allows You To Forget About Stress

A few minutes of writing about the things that happened in your life daily can bring you so much knowledge about how you handle yourself. Writing about your thoughts and emotions gives you the chance to know what triggers your mental and emotional health. That is an excellent thing because you become aware of your anxieties, stressors, and other negative emotions. Writing will help you develop ideas that can create an amplified effect on your overall well-being. It makes you appreciate a higher level of mindfulness that boosts better thinking. It supports the immediate accumulation of solutions to problems that might have affected your function for some time. Writing provides your mind with peace as it makes you happy.