Mental Wellness: Follow These Bipolar Blogs


 If you want to read about real-life stories of people with Bipolar disorder, then these blogs are the sites to follow:


Purple Persuasion

Charlotte Walker battled mental health problems for 25 years and created a blog called Purple Persuasion as a way to deal with her relapses and to help other people who have bipolar disorder too. According to Colleen King, LMFT, “Living with bipolar disorder can create significant challenges in just getting through each day.”


The blog offers a safe space for Charlotte and people similar to her to learn more about their mental health problems and as a way to connect with other people who have the same issues or related mental health problems.



Some of the posts in her blog include an analysis of her visits with her psychiatrists, as well as posts that other bipolar people can relate too.


Bipolar Burble

The Bipolar Burble is managed by Natasha Tracy, a social media consultant, and an award-winning writer too. Natasha has had bipolar disorder since she was 20 years old and ever since the Bipolar Burble has become a place wherein she can express her feelings about her condition as well as narrate her experiences.


The blog gives factual information based on evidence of mental illnesses. It also offers insights and details about bipolar disorder all while providing the community, which is filled with people with mental health problems. It contains posts like how to self-sooth when experiencing bipolar disorder pain.


The Bipolar Blogger Network

Back then, two friends felt like there were not enough networking options for people who are experiencing different types of bipolar disorder. As a result, they decided to create the Bipolar Blogger Network.


The Bipolar Blogger Network aims to give people with bipolar disorder a way or platform to share their experiences with the mental health issue or their stories on how their disorder affect the people around them.  However, not all can write in the blog as only bloggers with the talent and knack for writing as well as those with the disorder and experiences with the issue can only write in the blog.


Pax Nortona

Joel Gazis-Sax on the other hand, uses his blog, Pax Nortona, as a way to share his personal experiences and stories that he gains while working and traveling despite having the bipolar disorder. But Joel isn’t the only one who is responsible for the blog. His wife Lynn also helps in managing it. Together, this dream team and their cat has created an excellent blog for those with bipolar disorder.


Joel and his wife are also the co-founders of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of South Orange County. According to Danna Costa-Sahs, PsyD, “Depression is a serious mental illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act.” The blog contains posts about Joel’s stories and tips on being yourself in a world that wants you to change.


Bipolar Beat


Psych Central is a trusted website ran by mental health professionals. This independent social network for people with mental health problems or people interested in mental health also has the bipolar blog called the Bipolar Beat.


Two people who write posts in the blog are Dr. Candida Fink, a psychiatrist, and Joe Kraynak, an author. Dr. Fink is an expert pediatrician, specifically in pediatric bipolar disorder. Kraynak, on the other hand, writes about his experiences living with the mental health issue and with his partner.


Some of the articles in the blog include perspectives about bipolar drugs and weight gain, differentiating manic and hyperactive, and other tips that can help bipolar people sleep better. “Antidepressants, mood stabilizers and atypical antipsychotics are the most common contributors to weight gain.”, says Saundra Jain, PsyD.



With all these blogs recommended, you have a plethora of blogs that you can check out to either help with your disorder or learn more about bipolar disorder. Having bipolar disorder is difficult, but that doesn’t mean it should define you. These blogs can be one of the ways to help you beat it.