A Quick Guide to Choosing Blog Niche

Certain things are needed for you to take into consideration when it comes to creating your blog. The first thing that you have to factor in is the blog niche. It pertains merely to the specific classification that you want the blog to belong. Without determining the particular topic, it will be impossible for you to move forward with the blog creation. Once you decide the niche, it will become easier to choose the domain name for the site.

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What are the questions to ask?

Choosing a particular niche for the blog is quite tricky especially if you are passionate about a lot of things. Narrowing your choices is hard when you feel that it is okay to write about almost everything under the sun. To simplify the process, you can ask these questions:


  • What is the type of information you want to share with your readers?
  • Who is your target class of readers?
  • What are the topics that you can quickly write?
  • What is the industry or community that you are involved daily?
  • In five years time, where do you see yourself as a blogger?
  • What is your field of interests?


All these questions can help you determine what the perfect category for the blog is. Just make sure to answer the questions honestly.


What are the examples of niche?

These are some of the niches that you can choose for the blog:


  • Food
  • Travel
  • Blogging
  • Entertainment
  • Movies
  • Beauty and Makeup
  • Fitness
  • Technology
  • Fashion
  • Spiritual
  • Motivational
  • Party
  • Cooking

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These items are just some of the hundreds of another niche available to interested bloggers. The critical thing to remember here is that you know what you want. Do not choose a topic or category that will only give you a hard time to write about. Find something that you genuinely love, or you are passionate about. When you do this, there is a high guarantee that you will succeed in blogging.


 What are the steps in choosing the niche?


  1. Find a specific class of topics or interests that you are interested. At the same time, try to take into consideration the type of readers you want to reach.
  2. Just write all the things that will come into your mind.
  3. Group these things into particular categories. The category that has the most number of topics or interests is probably the perfect niche for you.
  4. Try to write one article about the chosen category. If everything turns out smoothly, then you have found the right niche for the blog.
  5. Otherwise, try to answer all the questions above until you can finally narrow down the categories into one.

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What’s next?

Once you have chosen the right niche for the blog, then you can already start thinking of the domain name. Keep in mind that it must be related to your niche. It is highly recommended to have at least five alternative domain names to choose from. Take note that there are already other existing blogs on the Internet. Some of the domain names that you have in mind may no longer be available. After choosing the domain name, look for the right hosting provider. Fortunately, many online companies can help you with this.