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2014 Plano Writing Workshop – Writing And Editing: A Blessing In Disguise


I enrolled myself in a 2014 Plano writing workshop just because I had the free time (and because my sister wouldn’t stop yapping). It was a challenging phase in my life, back then. I was waiting for my divorce to its finality, and yes, I was too depressed. My wife was having an affair a few years before she filed for a divorce. In a way, I knew what was happening, but because of our little daughter, I didn’t push her to admit it to my face. I was a coward, true. But I was a fool in love.

My sister wanted me to tag along to this writing workshop. I had nothing to do and was jobless – yes a total loser, as the teenagers would say it. It was my lowest point, and at that time, I couldn’t care less. And so, I put on my green jogging pants, a yellow shirt and white Converse sneakers. When my sister saw me, she was stunned. We had no time left for me to change and so she dragged me out of the house.

The workshop was a blessing in disguise. For three reasons, the workshop I attended changed my life. I can never thank my sister enough for forcing me to enroll in that seminar.


Reason number one was that I met my boss there in the workshop. Right now, I work as an editor for a Sports magazine, and I do write some feature posts when we lack content and deadline is up. But from jobless to a great living, going to the workshop has provided that for me.

Reason number two was that I gained my self-confidence and self-esteem back because of the workshop. They would teach you the basics of writing and editing – which then I learned; I was an awesome editor and copywriter! I didn’t know I was good at it until the instructor told me that I had the “eye.” It boosted my morale and made me feel good about myself.

Reason number three, and perhaps, the most important reason of all is that I met my girlfriend there, Anna. She is a writer in a fashion magazine, and I don’t know. My green jogging pants and yellow shirt may be fashionable enough for her that time, and she gave me a chance.

It was a real and refreshing experience. I learned so many things from the workshop that I have applied at my workplace and my private life. Best decision I ever made – letting my sister drag me into it.